Paris | City Impressions

Paris. With two of my favorite human beings my brother Ruben and my boyfriend Ben. No business just chillaxing for a weekend. So I packed a trolly with some of my favorite vintage pieces. Like my red patent leather boots and my checkered blazer from one of the best  vintage stores in Berlin. Paris was freaking freezing and especially now that my hair is braided (by amazing Adiam in case you are looking for someone to bless your hair in Berlin) the icy wind was way to cold for my scalp. So most of the time I wrapped a vintage silk scarf around it and together with my Vogue x Gigi Hadid micro shades it gave me a movie- star-from-the-20`s kinda feeling. By the way, tiny shades are so on trend in 2018. Looking for some? You can find my favorite selection of sunglasses here. However, here are some city and outfit impressions.

And once again I leave Paris inspired.

photos by ©Benjamin Merten

Paris | City Impressions
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