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Julia Dalia

Smartwatch | How my SKAGEN helps me to keep a good work-life balance

[Advertising. This article was written in friendly cooperation with SKAGEN.]

Just put your phone away for one sec.‘

‚Sorry, oki yes.’

I am constantly connected. It’s not that I am super proud of it, its just part of my life. So I had the above convo before. With friends and family. I know that constantly checking my phone can be really annoying to my environment. I  just like to feel connected but on the same hand, I want to reduce my phone usage and maintain a healthy work-life balance. And since I found the SKAGEN Smartwatch I’m closer to my goal, (work) life just got so much easier. I have never been a big fan of smartwatches, because I felt they mean just more tech in my life. So I am quite surprised that the SKAGEN Smartwatch helps me to stay connected but also be able to put my phone aside. I can easily select the apps and contacts I want to receive notifications from. And the notification isn’t a heart-stopping PLING!, just a gentle vibration. As a lot of notifications aren’t super important, I chose to get notified of e-mail and texts from a few contacts. For example when my agent calls or sends a text.

And if you are easily sucked into work like me or know someone who is, the SKAGEN Hybrid Smartwatch is a top gift. Because it also helps to stay hydrated and once synced with your smartphone reminds you to drink throughout the day. Over and above that it can track your sleep, activity, and goals. It’s fun to check in every now and then and see how many steps I walked today. Especially in the pre- Christmas trouble…meetings..running errands. A number to be proud of. The watch supports me especially because leisure time gets less phone loaded. So when I visit exhibitions, have dinner or spend time with my friends I don’t feel the urge to check my phone. Besides the amazing smartwatch features I love the Danish design and that the watch doesn’t look chunky or techy.

And last but not least: You can snap selfies with it! Get your SKAGEN smartwatch here!

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