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I love vintage shopping in Berlin. Every time I find a vintage piece I cherish it so much. My vintage wardrobe includes pieces from all over the world: Montreal, London, New York… Whenever I explore a city I have to visit at least one Vintage Store and bring back a unique piece as a memory to wear. A piece that tells a story. Besides visiting exhibitions, vintage shopping is one of my favorite weekend activities. In Germany’s capital are plenty vintage stores to choose from. Vintage shopping in Berlin has become quite a hype so I know quite a few stores but I still have a lot more to explore. There are stores like Humana, that sell Second Hand rather than vintage clothes, some expensive touristy ones in Berlin Mitte and those huge shops where you can buy clothes per Kilo (e.g. Garage). I go there every now and then but these stores are no secret anymore, everybody knows them and most of the times they are quite busy. That’s why I am going to tell you about some lowkey cool places today. The places I go to on a regular basis and where I found my favorite vintage items.

If you want to bring back home your eco-friendly memory to wear from your Trip to Berlin these are the Go-To ones. Or if you live here and love vintage shopping in Berlin as much as I do make sure to check out the places below. What are your favorite vintage stores in Berlin?

Here we go:

1. Dandy Horse Berlin sells vintage clothing, furniture, vinyl And pimped bikes – Basically a Concept Store. they offer an awesome selection. perfect for girls and boys.

Dandy Horse Berlin
Glogauer Str. 4
10999 Berlin

2. Endo, in the heart of Friedrichshain is a real jewel. It is not one of these huge stores flooded with people and clothes. Rather a small place with very well curated pieces.

NIederbarnimstraße 19
10247 Berlin

3. Sing Blackbird Berlin, a Cafe / Vintage Store where you can sell and buy trendy pieces. From Calvin Klein Tops, Micro Shades, Kappa pieces to Acne boots, this store offers also a great selection of Levis Jeans for girls and Jeans Jackets for boys.

Sing Blackbird 
Sanderstraße 11
12047 Berlin

4. Antiquariat Weigelt it’s a bookstore / Vintage Store. Herewith I let you in on my secret: The Antiquarian is my TrEat to you Guys. The Owner Andreas Weigelt is very kind and always up for a Little chat. The shop invites you to browse Through the Books and linger. The CLothing selection is very small with About two Clothing Racks. What’s super special: Most of the clothes Come straight from Paris. You’ll find A Lot of COats, Louis VuitTon, Versace & Chanel bags but also Rather unknown brands. all in All very Parisian and Fashionable Picks.

Antiquariat Andreas Weigelt
Proskauer Straße 4

Have fun to go vintage shopping in Berlin! 🙂

xx Juli

all photos by ©Benjamin Merten

Vintage | Favorite Stores in Berlin
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