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Julia Dalia

California Roadtrip | Big Sur

Advertising. This article was written in friendly cooperation with Jakes*s and Jakes* Collection.

You know what they say about California road trips. And it’s true. They are magic. The sunsets, the landscapes, and the roads are cinematic. It’s hard to put the camera down. We started in Los Angeles and made a quick stop in Santa Barbara at Mesa Verde, where I ate one of the best vegan Burgers ever. Ready to hit the road, we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway. Hands down, the most beautiful ride of my life. Our destination was Big Sur, the place where the mountains meet the sea and a place where a lot of artists seek inspiration until today. Scroll down for tips and recommendations. 

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If you’re ever at the west coast I highly recommend visiting Big Sur, its such a magical place. Here are some tips on what to do and where to stay.

xx Juli





Upfront: there is almost no wifi on the way up there, so come prepared. The ride takes about 4-5 hours, bring a sandwich, water, and some fruits. Alsooo drive early enough so you can see the sun go down while riding along. 


  1. Deetjens. Everyone recommend this place to us with its cute and authentic rooms.
  2. Ripplewood Resort. The cabins are cozy and super authentic with an open fireplace. Stay riverside!
  3. Big Sur Campground and Cabins. We stayed here for one night in the middle of the woods next to the river. The cabins are cute and cozy. Take a little walk, a few minutes down you’’ll find a cafe that places some chairs and tables in the small river. Enjoy a glass of wine or your morning coffee with your feet dangling in the water.
  4. Treebones Resort. This is the WOW place. The houses are literally built in the trees. It’s a little pricier, but In summer you can sleep in one of the cheaper human nests. 



Nephente Restaurant, a treehouse overlooking the sea with a world class window front. You’ll make your way up some stairs and arrive at this magical place. The open fireplace and an amazing view over the sea invite to linger. Enjoying drinks and dinner as I watched the sun go down, was one of the many highlights of this trip.

  1. Esalen Institute. Its all about reconnecting and healing. Book a massage and a slot for the night swim in the famous Hot Springs of Esalen Institute, right at the Cliffs overlooking the ocean with the stars shining over you.
  2. Visit the Henry Memorial Miller library. Here you will learn something about Big Sur and the magic of the place. This place has been an inspiration to Henry Miller, Kerouac and other artists.
  3. Check out the famous Redwood Trees, found all over Big Sur.
  4. Put your phone to the side, wind the window down and take it all in. There are a lot of Vistas where you can enjoy the view. We spotted California condors flying and saw seals playing at the beach. It will take your breath away.





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