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[Advertising. This article was written in friendly cooperation with Yves Rocher] Lately I`ve been looking for better, more sustainable ways. One of the best decisions so far was going vegan. Using less plastic and producing less environmental pollution is what I want to tackle next. I love it when brands offer solutions for me and the planet. Like Yves Rocher does with the new environmentally friendly I love my Planet shampoo concentrate. Not only is the flacon one-third the size of a conventional bottle of 300ml, there are more benefits:

  • 💧1 Press = 1 Dose
  • 🌳 1 bought product = 1 planted tree
  • ♻ Flacon 100% recyclable
  • 🥤 39% less plastic compared to 300ml flacon
  • (no parabens, no silicons, no preservatives)

And you guys know how picky I am about my shampoo. For those who don’t know:  I don’t wash my afro that often not to strip the natural oil away. Every 2-3 weeks is perfect. The Yves Rocher I love my Planet is my favorite shampoo for a mild cleansing every month or so. It comes in small a recyclable flacon. I mean did you ever recycle your shampoo packaging?

Probably not. But I think that is exactly the mindset we need to develop. The small flacon is perfect for traveling btw and lasts up to 30 washes, which means it will last over a year for me. Whoop! 🙂 Additionally, to my vegan lifestyle and buying vintage clothes, this is a great addition to a more sustainable day to day life. Below I put together some small actions that can make a big difference for the environment and our pocket. What are your tips for a more sustainable lifestyle? Just leave your green lifestyle tips here or on Instagram, and I will add them to the list. Let’s Go!

How to put Sustainability in Day to Day Practice – Green Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Use a reusable coffee cup
  2. Use a bamboo toothbrush
  3. Use your jute bags for any shopping
  4. Ride your bike
  5. Keep your showers short
  6. Keep in mind that LED bulbs consume less energy if you choose light for your home
  7. Buy glass bottles instead of plastic bottles
  8. Buy more sustainable fashion & vintage clothes. Also, resell your old clothes. Great platforms: United Wardrobe & Remixbag.
  9. Buy as many products as possible in your local zero waste shop
  10. Say goodbye to disposable razors
  11. Say yes to brown veggies & fruits. Don’t throw them away, make a  yummy smoothie or soup.
  12. Cover the pot while cooking. It saves 25% energy and is such a simple action, literally one flick
  13. Switch off the light when leaving the room
  14. Recycle used oil. 1 liter of oil pollutes 1000 liters of water
  15. Upcycle your stuff: skirt to shorts, top to leggings, I-pad cover out of jeans, cassette cover as a business card holder. The opportunities are endless, be creative. 🙂
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photos by Benjamin Merten

Green Lifestyle Tipps | I love my Planet
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